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Welcome to Milton Orchestras

Orchestra Program at Milton
The orchestra program is divided in three major classes: Intermediate (Concert), Advance (Sinfonia), and Mastery (Chamber).
The classes meet every day and engage in a dynamic learning process of performance and cognitive music expression. This in a harmonious and professional style: each student is an asset to the program and they will develop each day as an artist and a well-rounded student. They will learn to work in teams, be self-direct, develop meticulous attention to details, build up self-stem, and at the same time express themselves through the beauty of music.

Placement in these orchestras are established by audition during the spring or at the end of the school year. Besides the audition, students are placed in upper classes depending on their commitment, dedication and leadership. All ensembles perform several concerts per year, and participate in the Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE). There are also other opportunities for students to perform at GMEA solo and ensemble festivals, as well as music institutions outside the school.

It is required from all orchestra students to practice at least 150 minutes per week. All students are encouraged to take private lessons.

Concert Orchestra is made up of students that had previous performance experiences from their middle school orchestras. Depending on class size, Intermediate and Advance orchestra will perform at concerts and festivals together. The students will master third position techniques, vibrato, good pitch and will perform at GMEA level III & IV. The orchestra will participate at GMEA All-State, District Honors and Solo and Ensemble.

Sinfonia Orchestra is made up of students from all grade levels who passed their audition. This orchestra is the continuation of their intermediate class learning process, and are moving up in their music skills. Students will master upper positions, sound production, ensemble techniques, good vibrato, accurate pitch, and will perform at GMEA level IV-V.

Chamber Orchestra is the school’s advanced orchestra. It’s made up of students from all levels who successfully auditioned, and demonstrated upper music skill levels as well as strong music leadership. The orchestra performs at the highest level (V or VI) and requires regular practice, self-discipline and commitment. They also concentrate in standard repertoire and required to participate at GMEA All-State, LGPE, and Solo and Ensemble.


We are very proud of our feeder Orchestra Schools!

Northwestern Middle School Orchestra
Evelyn Champion, Director

Elkins Middle School Orchestra
Seth Gamba, Director

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