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Support the Music
In times of happiness and celebration, in times of heartache and sadness, music is unique in its ability to bring people in concert. Milton Orchestra has been bringing the Fulton Community together through the beauty of music for several years.
Achieving this is only made possible through the support and generosity of the community we serve. 

Yes! I would like to support the Milton Orchestra at the level indicated:
Beat, $25-99
Cantabile, $100-249
Accelerando, $250-499
Allegretto, $500-999
Maestro, $1,000
Enclosed is my check in the amount of $_____________

Please make checks payable to Milton Orchestras,  and mail to:

Steve Brolly (Milton orchestra treasurer)

For more information about
donations to the Milton Orchestras
send an email to: 
Steve Brolly

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