After reading this page, use the order form at the bottom only if you are either:

  1. Renting a tuxedo (jacket/pants only) from Milton High School Orchestra Boosters AND/OR

  2. Choosing to be fitted/purchase concert attire options through MHS Orchestra Boosters

*Form and payment due Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

Do not use the form if you are ordering your own concert attire directly from the links below or sourcing your own matching concert attire. You must have all items by our first concert on October 14, 2021.


  • Students are required to wear cohesive concert attire as prescribed below- Here is an example of a professional orchestra similarly dressed: Watch Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

  • There will be an option to purchase/rent select items through the orchestra program as part of the on-boarding process in the first weeks of school. Any attire not selected/paid during that time is the individual responsibility of each family to either purchase from links below OR source your own equivalent, matching options in time for the first concert October 14, 2021.

  • Even if you order through the school, you must supply your own shoes (details below).

  • All uniforms will be checked before the concert; anything that is deemed incorrect will result in a lowered grade. There is also the possibility of not being allowed to perform if it can't be satisfactorily fixed.

  • Black means "solid black." NO open-toed or leisure/athletic shoes. NO "V" necklines, sequins, or distracting embellishments/jewelry.

OPTION 1: Matching black suit or tuxedo (jacket and pants), black dress shirt, black dress shoes



OPTION 2a: Black floor-length dress with sleeves or black jumper, black dress shoes

**Former MHS students only: If you own the specific dress previously required for Milton Orchestra, you may choose to continue to use it. That option is being phased out, however, for new students.**




(Jumpers not listed as "ready to ship"- check timing if ordering on own)

OPTION 2b: Black pants or floor-length skirt with black blouse, black dress shoes





Downloadable order form Due with payment by Tuesday, August 31st. After that date, the only option available is to order directly or source your own matching items.

Milton Orchestra Uniform Order & Rental.pdf