Ensemble Placement


HERE (follow link to shared folder)

(Posted 2/23/24; Auditions conclude 3/24/23)

Sign up HERE for in-person auditions (required for Chamber)

Everyone auditioning should complete this Google Form


Auditions are optional for rising 9th graders, but you will still need to register for orchestra (see details below).  Audition materials for the following school year are posted here in February, and auditions occur throughout March by appointment (recorded video option for Sinfonia only).  If you are a new student transferring to Milton HS mid-year, contact Mr. Cummings at cummingsas@fultonschools.org for placement information.  

We have three orchestras at Milton HS, two of which require an audition.  Specific information regarding this year's audition will be posted here in February.  Scales are chosen from common 2 and 3 octave major and melodic minor scales.  Etudes come from a variety of sources, including the GMEA All State repertoire books for each instrument.  

Concert Orchestra (Intermediate Orchestra 1-4)

Choose Intermediate Orchestra I for 1st and 2nd semesters (no audition required!)

This can be changed later if you choose to audition in March

Sinfonia (Advanced Orchestra 1-4)

Chamber Orchestra (Mastery Orchestra 1-4)