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    Fall Solo and Ensemble 


2023-24 Fall Solo & Ensemble will be held Saturday, November 4 at Webb Bridge MS.


Solo and Ensemble Information

This event is designed to give students the experience of performing alone or in small groups for a judge and receiving a rating. When the students are properly prepared, Solo and Ensemble can be one of the most rewarding and educational experiences offered during the year. Participants perform solos or ensembles for a judge, who is an experienced music educator, and are given ratings on the prepared performance. Individual medals can be earned for ratings of “Superior” or “Excellent”. 


Students may select their own solo pieces. If your child studies with a private instructor they should plan to play a solo. Please arrange this with your child's instructor as soon as possible for maximum preparation time. The instructor will provide you with appropriate music and will help you find a piano accompanist. GMEA rules state that if there is a piano accompaniment part written for the solo your child selects, you must have an accompanist for your performance. You may use an audio recording of the accompaniment part. Ensemble pieces will be selected by instruments in the ensemble and teacher suggestions. 


Registration and fees can be paid here.  The registration deadline is September 15,2023.